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Good quality

Member of Grena Ltd. Group We offer good quality medical devices that are certified by the biggest certifying centers in the world.

Titanium ligating clips

Our range of titanium ligating clips can satisfy the needs of each medical practitioner. With both V-shaped and chevron-shaped clips in the offer we boast the most comprehensive range of titanium ligating clips among the producers of such implants.

Endoscopic surgical instruments

With the full range of graspers, dissectors and scissors intended for endoscopic applications we are proud to offer the most ergonomic and comfortable disposable endoscopic instruments. Please review the details and get in touch with our export department to get an offer

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Friday, 14 Dec 2018

Production facilities

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We are very proud of our production facilities and are keen on developing in further in our pursuit for development of our company and our products.

We took some great afford to build up our facilities and production technology from the beginning to ensure each stage of the production process is ensuring highest quality of the products.

Keeping in mind the patients’ safety and users comfort form our key targets we strive to develop our products to make sure they can be used with even greater benefit to our clients.


To ensure we are able to control each stage of the production process we decided to use an in-house sterilization machines. In our sterilization process we strictly follow EN ISO11135-1:2007 standard. Our skilled and qualified team is performing routine validations of the sterilization process to ensure the products offered on the market are 100% safe.


Unlike some of the low-labour costs manufacturers of medical devices we are proud of having some very detailed knowledge of the sterilization and sterilization validation process and can assure and provide evidence that each sterilization process is indeed successful.
Should you wish to visit our facilities before placing your first order please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange such a meeting. We kindly advise you we are not in the position to show all the stages of the production process as we need to protect the know-how we gather over the years of production process.