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Member of Grena Ltd. Group We offer good quality medical devices that are certified by the biggest certifying centers in the world.

Titanium ligating clips

Our range of titanium ligating clips can satisfy the needs of each medical practitioner. With both V-shaped and chevron-shaped clips in the offer we boast the most comprehensive range of titanium ligating clips among the producers of such implants.

Endoscopic surgical instruments

With the full range of graspers, dissectors and scissors intended for endoscopic applications we are proud to offer the most ergonomic and comfortable disposable endoscopic instruments. Please review the details and get in touch with our export department to get an offer

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Wednesday, 23 Jan 2019
Friday, 22 December 2017 09:37

Incorporation of new production site into Grena Group Featured

We are pleased to inform that Qingdao Kingston will be incorporated into the structures of Grena Group.

This Shandong province-based manufacturer of medical devices, with modern facilities and more than 800m2 of the class ISO 7 clean room, was targeted as a perfect match for Grena to allow further dynamic growth of both organisations.

With more than 25 years of experience in healthcare, Grena has been successfully building its position in the industry. This family business has grown from a small enterprise into an international organisation with the market presence around the globe.

“Inclusion of Qingdao Kingston into the structures of Grena aims at allowing us to implement our strategic development plans.” said Mr Wiesław Brodaczewski – CEO of Grena Ltd. He added, “We have been seeking opportunities in extending our production capabilities along with opening the doors to new markets. Our direct presence in Asia will certainly help Grena win a stronger position on this huge and growing market.”

Finding a strategic partner in the industry will help Qingdao Kingston to strengthen their position. “We expect Grena to bring the know-how and brand recognition to our activity. I trust this will allow both companies to grow and build many synergies” declared Kingston’s General Manager – Mr He Jian.

Qingdao Kingston has a very rich experience in manufacturing medical devices and operates in modern facilities. This organisation will gradually become part of Grena. The supply chain and production processes will be streamlined in order to achieve significant economies of scale. Exchange of the know-how along with technological and organisational synergies will allow both entities to reduce production costs as well as to speed up production processes. With both organisations setting the quality of products as their priority, it is believed that the merger will result not only in production optimisation but will also bring the production quality to a higher level.

Grena intends to manage the distribution of products manufactured by both organisations centrally. The product realisation processes are to be performed in different locations, thus allowing to achieve the most effective outcomes. All the so far used locations – including the UK, the Netherlands, Austria and Poland – along with the new one in China, will be put into their full production powers. Grena’s high quality requirements and standards are implemented and supervised in each of the production sites.

Patients’ safety and users’ comfort have always been our central focus. No matter where our production process is performed, we apply the same high requirements and quality control methods to ensure the final products performance. We feel that the inclusion of Qingdao Kingston into Grena’s structures will perfectly fit this strategy” declared Mr Brodaczewski.

With this new acquisition, Grena is fulfilling its long term development plans aiming at extending the production capabilities as well as product portfolio. Along with creation of the new R&D centre, incorporating Qingdao Kingston into the group structures will certainly help to strengthen Grena’s position on the global markets.


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