Endoscopic surgical instruments

We are offering some wide range of disposable endoscopic instruments that can be used in many applications.
The range includes:


  • graspers
  • dissectors
  • scissors


To help the surgeons with their work we design some generous range of jaws for the graspers we offer – those include:

  • atraumatic fenestrated jaws
  • Allis jaws
  • Maxi Grip jaws
  • toothed jaws
  • Babcock jaws.

All graspers are equipped with a ratchet to ensure the encapsulated tissue can be held properly.

The Maryland dissector can be offered with or without the ratchet depending on the needs of a client.

The range of scissors includes Metzenbaum curved and standard straight ones.

The instruments can be offered in standard length or in the bariatric version.

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