Titanium ligating clips

The titanium ligating clips from Qingdao Kingston Medical Devices Co. are offered in two versions:

  • V-shaped
  • Chevron-shaped

Each of the products is made of highly biocompatible titanium that we are buying from the USA to make sure the material we use is really very good. Unlike the other local manufacturers of ligating clips we are not using the titanium from our native suppliers because we know it is not good enough for that application. In this case we can offer a very good product that is totally safe for patients.

The titanium ligating clips are widely used in all sectors of healthcare. They can be used for marking and ligating applications

Ligating clips are implantable medical devices. They are widely used in surgery for  haemostatic reasons as well as for marking purposes.

We are offering two types of the clips that are the most popular on the market. Our clips can work with most available appliers.

The J-clips are offered in 4 standard sizes – S, M, ML, L.

Our T-Clip range includes sizes – SX, S, M,ML and L

They are color coded according to the coding used by the main suppliers to ensure the surgeons do not need to change their habits.
The appliers we offer are also color coded to help the surgeons in the application of the clips.

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