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Member of Grena Ltd. Group We offer good quality medical devices that are certified by the biggest certifying centers in the world.

Titanium ligating clips

Our range of titanium ligating clips can satisfy the needs of each medical practitioner. With both V-shaped and chevron-shaped clips in the offer we boast the most comprehensive range of titanium ligating clips among the producers of such implants.

Endoscopic surgical instruments

With the full range of graspers, dissectors and scissors intended for endoscopic applications we are proud to offer the most ergonomic and comfortable disposable endoscopic instruments. Please review the details and get in touch with our export department to get an offer

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Friday, 14 Dec 2018

Retrieval Bag

Retrieval Bag is an easy-to-use device designed to temporarily contain specimen and facilitate its removal from the patient during laparoscopic surgery.
Designed to minimize contamination of the abdominal cavity, the Retrieval Bag includes the following distinctive features:

- Medium bag allows for 200ml capacity through 5 cm opening, Medium/Large allows for 800ml through 10 mm opening
- Shape memory wire automatically opens bag upon deployment
- Bags may be inserted into a 10mm or larger cannula
- Rigid plastic deployment cannula provides stability, while its smooth surface minimizes trauma to underlying structures
- Cost effective and latex free

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