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Good quality

Member of Grena Ltd. Group We offer good quality medical devices that are certified by the biggest certifying centers in the world.

Titanium ligating clips

Our range of titanium ligating clips can satisfy the needs of each medical practitioner. With both V-shaped and chevron-shaped clips in the offer we boast the most comprehensive range of titanium ligating clips among the producers of such implants.

Endoscopic surgical instruments

With the full range of graspers, dissectors and scissors intended for endoscopic applications we are proud to offer the most ergonomic and comfortable disposable endoscopic instruments. Please review the details and get in touch with our export department to get an offer

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Friday, 14 Dec 2018

Absorbing pads

Our absorbing pads were designed to meet the requirements of the modern healthcare professionals who value not only convenience but also patients safety.

The products offered is intended to absorb any fluids used in the operation room. As it is known during certain procedures a lot of various liquids are spilt on the medical personnel or simply on the floor. To help control that fluids we are offered absorbing pads that can absorb up to 50 times of their own weight of various liquids and transform them into gel.

The pad is made of a properly chosen absorbing agent that is put in a strong cover that holds the absorbed liquids and allows the medical personnel to dispose of the waste easily increasing the comfort of work and patients’ safety.

The product is available sterile or nonsterile.

It can be used in urological, orthopaedic, oncological  or general surgery wards to create safer and more comfortable work environment.